ClipSnappy is a console program that monitors the Clipboard and saves all copied images to disk. Output files can be either BMP (uncompressed) or PNG (compressed). All color bit depths are stored verbatim, except 32-bit which is converted to 24-bit. ClipSnappy is a portable application and requires no installation.

ClipSnappy v1.0 - save images copied to the clipboard
Copyright 2015 by Elias Fotinis - Freeware - 2015-01-22

  -f [ --format ] arg (=png) output format; one of: bmp, png
  -d [ --dest ] arg (=.)     destination directory; will be created if missing
  -i [ --initial ]           include initial, existing image
  -D [ --desktop ]           use Deskop folder as destination; overrides -d
  -u [ --utc ]               output UTC times, instead of local; appends "Z"
  -s [ --slient ]            prevent beep on image save
  -v [ --verbose ]           verbose output
  -h [ --help ]              this help

output file names are "YYYYMMDD-hhmmssxxx" (xxx is msec)

ClipSnappy is open source.


  • Save images as BMP or PNG.
  • Supports all color bit depths.

What's New

v1.0 — 2015.01.22

  • First public release.



  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP.